Month: January 2023

Invisible Ink! Summer Learning Journey.

A few days ago me and Lanny did a summer learning journey together, this time we did not do a video. Instead I’m going to give you the pictures. Now you must be wondering what we did. We made invisible ink! Now i’m going to tell you how to make it and what you do. First you have to get the materials. Here is what they are, You need : a cotton bud (the stick like ones) ,a piece of paper, a small cup of milk or a lemon (and a cup if your using the lemon) and finally a heat source. Next after you get all of those you grab your lemon (if you got milk skip this part) cut it in half and squeeze out the lemon juice into a cup it does not need that much lemon juice so don’t worry about not having enough. Then you dip one end of the cotton bud into the milk/lemon juice and write or draw something on your paper with the end that you dipped. If you have none on your bud and you’re not done just dip it in again. Keep doing this part until you’ve done your picture. Then let it dry for a bit. When it’s dry read the next part.

Finally use your heat source, put your paper over it for a bit. If you’re a kid, get an adult to help you with this. After a little, your picture is done and you can do whatever with it. Enjoy doing this. You can use this post to help you do it again as much as you want. (extra) try make a secret code and get your family to try crack it use picture letters or numbers have fun. Last thing before you go here is how mine and lanny’s turned out. Tell me if you like it. Until next time, bye!

Summer learning journey Catapult Plane!!!

Catapult Plane!!!!

Today me and my aunty (aunty nicky) made a catapult plane which was one of Nano girls science summer learning journey tasks we used a tape measure,blue tack,a thin sheet of card,paper,tape,a pencil, a rubber band and scissors to make this awesome thing. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to Aunty Nicky who helped a lot!

(extra) P.S. the muttering at the beginning was not important so its fine if you could not here it.