How To Blog A Doc

Embedding Google Docs



For this activity you are going to show that you are able to embed a google doc onto edublogs. You will need to create step by step written instructions and then embed this doc onto your blog. 


Start your instructions here:

  1. First you get everything you are going to have on your doc on it and I mean everything.
  2. We thats done you drag your pointer across the page highlighting it and copy it then paste it on your blog.

Matariki Egg Drop Challenge

Today was Matariki Funday, I went to room 8 with Mr Hughes and a bunch of other kids! We were doing Matariki Egg Drop Challenge, so first we watched a video by Mark Rober for us to know what we were doing and to have ideas. Second we got to the drawing board in group to make a protection for the egg in the end my group had two eggs to protect. Third we finally got to designing the one I made had a ballon on top the egg was in toilet paper almost the whole role of it then there was a lot of tape and on the bottom there was a bunch of thin paper and if I told you the whole design it would take days so I won’t. Last it was the egg droping which you can in the video enjoy!

Not done yet sorry soon you can see!!!!