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The Maramataka

For term 2 extension we have been making the Maramataka which is the Maori calendar. the Maramataka is related to the moon cycle and depending on what phase of the moon it is depends on what part of the calendar it is. this is my Maramataka I have spent a lot of time on it. I hope it is helpful and that you enjoy it!

Maramataka Progress Extension Project For Term 2

This term we have been working on making digital Maramataka for extension. This is not a finished project just an update on its progress I have been struggling a lot with getting the angles just right. We have had to use angles and degrees because we need a specific amount of pieces and we need them the same size to fit in a full circle. We had to have 30 pieces and a full circle is 360 degrees. We divided 360 by 30 but we decided to break it down into 36 divided by 3.  We then broke it down again into 30 divided by 3 and 6 divided by 3. 30 divided by 3 is 10 and 6 divided by 3 is 2 so we put those together and got 12. We knew that each piece had to be 12 degrees to get every piece in. Now I have all the pieces but i’m still putting the puzzle together. Take a look!

Save Our Maui Dolphins!!!!!!!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog but if you’re new, welcome! In term one and a bit of term two I have been working on making this Scratch project. Doing this was really hard. First I had to do research on wildlife to do my project on and I did the research not by my self. I had help from my friend Falen. It took forever to finish the research but we did it! Last thing I  did to make this project was the thing I spent most time on, the scratch project.  P.S. Please leave positive comments on my blog. Enjoy!

Maui Dolphins!!!