Summer Learning Journey 1: My Superhero

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey 1: My Superhero

  1. Mōrena Aliana,

    This is such an awesome activity and what a great way to kick off the summer learning journey! I grew up reading a lot of comic books, especially ones about Batman and Robin, so I think superheroes are awesome and a special part of my childhood. I loved writing my own comics and designing my own superheroes so it is awesome to see everyone try their hand at designing a superhero (or villain).

    I think your superhero looks beautiful, I like the anime fairy style you have chosen to use for her design. Her superpowers are quite cool too, I imagine being able to transform into animals and become invisible makes her a very powerful superhero. I wonder what her weakness may be, every superhero needs to have their kryptonite!

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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