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Year 5&6 Extension Security Drone Project

This term for extension, we had to think what drones could be used for that they are not already used for. First we had to do our planning to figure out what we were going to use the drones for. I decided to do a security drone. After our Planning was done we had to make a design of our drones using tinkercad. When we were done our designs we had to make a simulation showing our drones in action, here is my one I spent ages working on it so I hope you enjoy.

Extension Film Festival Movie Roles

This term for Extension we have been making our film festival movie. We all have had things to do in this project I have been an actor, animator and editor for our movie.

I had to animate a bubble to get bigger and go across the screen at the same time and then make it pop. To do this I used photopea. I think it turned out really well. The drawing looked a lot like a bubble because I used different colours and opacity and piled them on top of each other. The animation looked quite smooth but I think I could improve when it comes to making it look more like it popped instead of just fading away, other then that I think I did a good job at it.

For acting I had to lie down on the ground then stand up and run in a race for one scene which was not too hard to do. For another scene I had to ride a bike but then stop and then look around then keep riding. For another scene I had to look at an estuary with my hand on my forehead to block rain from getting in my eyes, and I had to move my head left and right as if I was scanning the estuary. The hard part was doing exactly what the videographers wanted and getting it just right but I think I did a good job at that.

Finally I did a small bit of editing our movie. I got a bit confused with adding in voice overs but I had fun doing the other stuff I did, like putting the clips in the right place and making them the right length. One of the clips I edited was actually the one where I had to lie down and then get up and run in a race.

Those were my roles and what I did for them for our film festival movie. My favourite role I had was being an animator, because I enjoyed drawing pictures then making them move. My favourite part of animating is seeing the final result.

My Bubble Animation:

Year 5&6 Extension Storyboard Reflection

This term our project for extension has been to make our film festival movie part of this was making our storyboard, we all had to take part in this part of making our movie, everyone split into different  groups for different parts of the storyboard I was storyboarding the first part of the movie with Cayden and Jaxon. The job of storyboarding was made easier because the whole thing was based off a book and we where using it as our script so we could base our story board on what was happening in the book. We first had to brain storm ideas using our part of the book which was given to us after we had some ideas we got our storyboarding papers to make the real storyboard. there were three squares for each scene of our part,  in the top square we put a little draw to give the visual idea of what was happening, in the next square we wrote what part from the script  this was happening in then, in the final square we put notes for that scene like the camera angles or what was happening or if something was animated, then we made another one until we did all of the part of the script we were given, next we had to cut our notes and squares out and glue them on to the main story board with everyone else’s squares then we were done and we had our storyboard.Even though it took a while it was worth it. Here is some of our storyboard.

Year 5&6 Extension Check List

This term for Extension our task is different from normal, instead of having a topic than each of us doing different things for it by our selves instead of as a group. This term we are all working together on the same thing, our film festival movie! We have the jobs of doing things like editing, animating, filming  and more. We had to think of what tasks each role might have to do, then we had to think of what we want to do. The way we did all of this is with our digital check list on google sheets, this is our google sheets check list, have a look. Check list

The Maramataka

For term 2 extension we have been making the Maramataka which is the Maori calendar. the Maramataka is related to the moon cycle and depending on what phase of the moon it is depends on what part of the calendar it is. this is my Maramataka I have spent a lot of time on it. I hope it is helpful and that you enjoy it!

Maramataka Progress Extension Project For Term 2

This term we have been working on making digital Maramataka for extension. This is not a finished project just an update on its progress I have been struggling a lot with getting the angles just right. We have had to use angles and degrees because we need a specific amount of pieces and we need them the same size to fit in a full circle. We had to have 30 pieces and a full circle is 360 degrees. We divided 360 by 30 but we decided to break it down into 36 divided by 3.  We then broke it down again into 30 divided by 3 and 6 divided by 3. 30 divided by 3 is 10 and 6 divided by 3 is 2 so we put those together and got 12. We knew that each piece had to be 12 degrees to get every piece in. Now I have all the pieces but i’m still putting the puzzle together. Take a look!

Term 3-4 Cave Wall Drawing Extension Project

in Extension last term and a little of this term I made my Archeological find drawing on photopea because  our topic was archaeological finds and we had to make them so hope you enjoy!

Save Our Maui Dolphins!!!!!!!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog but if you’re new, welcome! In term one and a bit of term two I have been working on making this Scratch project. Doing this was really hard. First I had to do research on wildlife to do my project on and I did the research not by my self. I had help from my friend Falen. It took forever to finish the research but we did it! Last thing I  did to make this project was the thing I spent most time on, the scratch project.  P.S. Please leave positive comments on my blog. Enjoy!

Maui Dolphins!!!