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Year 5&6 Extension Security Drone Project

This term for extension, we had to think what drones could be used for that they are not already used for. First we had to do our planning to figure out what we were going to use the drones for. I decided to do a security drone. After our Planning was done we had to make a design of our drones using tinkercad. When we were done our designs we had to make a simulation showing our drones in action, here is my one I spent ages working on it so I hope you enjoy.

Term 3-4 Cave Wall Drawing Extension Project

in Extension last term and a little of this term I made my Archeological find drawing on photopea because  our topic was archaeological finds and we had to make them so hope you enjoy!

Save Our Maui Dolphins!!!!!!!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog but if you’re new, welcome! In term one and a bit of term two I have been working on making this Scratch project. Doing this was really hard. First I had to do research on wildlife to do my project on and I did the research not by my self. I had help from my friend Falen. It took forever to finish the research but we did it! Last thing I  did to make this project was the thing I spent most time on, the scratch project.  P.S. Please leave positive comments on my blog. Enjoy!

Maui Dolphins!!!