Day: June 16, 2023

Climate Change Explanatory Writing

This week we have been challenged to write a piece of explanatory writing about Climate change and this is what I came up with hope you like it!

Climate Change

Climate change is an increasing problem for our world. It has been the cause of bad weather events all around the world. Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are gases like carbon dioxide and their job is to keep the earth warm by trapping heat from the sun and keeping the heat in our atmosphere but if there is too much in our atmosphere it makes the world too hot and that leads to climate change. Now that you know what climate change is, let’s get into this properly.  


First let me explain why Climate change is a problem. Climate change is really just the impact of the rising temperature. It has been the cause of wildfires causing destruction of land and has caused people to lose their homes to the fires. Also climate change has impacted not only the land but also the sea. Climate Change has melted glaciers that are in the sea and made the melted glacier water join with the sea making the sea level rise which can lead to an increase of floods and yet again people suffer the loss of their homes but also this impacts the marine life under the sea and also their habitats which is bad.  


Now you may be wondering how climate change is increased, well there are many ways that climate change is increased from things like burning fossil fuels to deforestation,first let me explain deforestation,deforestation means the removal of forests now you may be wondering what does that have to do with climate change well when people cut down trees and cause deforestation they also let the air contain more carbon dioxide, now again you may be thinking how does that work well don’t worry because I have the answer. Trees basically clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide out of our air but when they are cut down not only is there nothing to absorb the carbon dioxide but also the carbon dioxide that was once absorbed gets released back into the air adding to the greenhouse effect. Earlier I also mentioned burning fossil fuels and you may be wondering what those are and how they impact climate change, let me tell you, burning fossil fuels in factories happens a lot and when they get burnt they release more carbon dioxide into the air and that means more climate change. 


After all of this you may want to know how we can help resolve the problem, well we can start by decreasing our carbon footprint. Now you may be wondering what is a carbon footprint, a carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases. Now I know that this little text won’t create a whole world protest or a big major thing like that but let me say that I hope I can get you to do something even if its turning off the light at night or using a bike or walking more often that helps just little things like that helps a lot to slow down Climate Change.


Before we finish I want to say one last thing Climate Change can’t we completely stopped because it always naturally happens. That’s right and we just need to stop increasing it and now that I have said that I just want to say thank you for reading this text and please remember the information I have just given you. Goodbye!