Year: 2023

Term 4 Inquiry Design Project 2023

This term for inquiry the year 6s have had to make a design for the empty area outside of our class’s. I have created an interactive design on scratch and here it is click on the furniture for information about that part of the design. Click on the arrows to change page. I hope you enjoy!

Year 5&6 Extension Security Drone Project

This term for extension, we had to think what drones could be used for that they are not already used for. First we had to do our planning to figure out what we were going to use the drones for. I decided to do a security drone. After our Planning was done we had to make a design of our drones using tinkercad. When we were done our designs we had to make a simulation showing our drones in action, here is my one I spent ages working on it so I hope you enjoy.

PM Reading: The Black Phantom

PM Reader Challenge – The Black Phantom


For this task you need to do some reading out loud. 


  1. You will record a video of yourself reading the first page of your PM Reader.
  2. At the SAME TIME you will use the Voice Typing feature on this Google Doc.


This will give you an opportunity to hear how you read, and to see how accurate your pronunciation is.


Start your Voice Typing here: “The BMX ultra one is the coolest bike on two wheels,” said Finn to his mother. “is that right?” Mom replied, pulling out a handful of weeds. Finn heaved a super-loud sigh. “it’s affecting my social standing to not have a BMX bike.” He added, hopefully, “you know how important the peer group is to an eleven year old.” Mum shrugged. She seemed more interested in unearthing a dandelion than in discussing Finn’s social standing. “so, Mum … do you think I could get a BMX ultra one?” “of course.” Finn felt a great surge of relief. Well, more a surge of shock, really. He made a mental note to pick an extra big bunch of roses from the garden for Mother’s Day. “And can I get a turbo frame with splatter paint?” “of course,” said mum. “and stunt pegs?” Finn added. “Why not?” Mum tossed the dandelion onto the compost heap. “you can have any kind of bike you like, Finn, as long as you pay for it.” “oh.” Finn sighed, again 


Attach the Google Drive link to your video here;



Once you have finished reading the text, answer these questions;


  1. What type of bike did Finn tell his mother he wanted? BMX Ultra One


  1. What is a peer group? A group of classmates


  1. Why was Pop’s bike called “The Black Phantom”? Because of how it looks it is shiny black with a red trim.


  1. Why didn’t Finn know about The Black Phantom? Because it was made the same year his pop was born so it was really old.


  1. How did Pop feel when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike “spoke by spoke”?

Joyful and proud.

  1. Why is it better to work hard for something special, than to be given it? Because then you actually earn it and don’t get it for doing absolutely nothing and that can make you feel really good about yourself and know that you deserve it.

200 Word Challenge: The Climber

Jason could not believe he was doing this climbing the tallest mountain in the world which no one else had this mountain should have felt cold as it was covered in ice because it was so high up and it was winter but instead each icy rock he grabbed warmed his fingertips and did not feel slippery instead they felt smooth and easy to grab it was if it was not even ice he looked behind him and saw Conner holding the camera Jason smiled and did a thumbs up soon the whole world will know what he is capable of. He could see the top he was almost there the sun was hidden behind the clouds but he was still warm knew that even though he did not know what was to come he could do anything if he kept on climbing and climbing he was just about to get to the top when he saw on a  something glowing under a rock ledge nearby he jumped over to the ledge to check what it was and he found a beautiful glowing crystal but then the ledge broke in half and Jason fell, what is going to happen next?