Chapter two THE EMPEROR From Magic Lies In You

today i wrote part two of magic lies in you enjoy the book Gracias !!!!!!!!!


Monday morning: life as a emperor penguin hi diary you will never believe what happened to me jack somehow i became a penguin for 100 days day 1 i found a ice crystal touched it it turned out to be a emperor penguin ice crystal instead of a power of ice or power of snow crsatyal now i have to find or make a igilo.


Day 10 i finished iglo and found other penguins and then one started chasing me around for some reason this life is weird then i got some fish and all they were tasty i guess then i sore tina looking for me i went over to her and jumped up and down then i remembered tina was scared of penguins for some reason and manly emperor penguins so she ran away.


Day 54 i was finishing building my penguin palace what a emperor penguin has emperor in its name and i have a kingdom then i saw tina and the others here for revenge from day 10 but my penguins had me covered and attacked we won da then we had a feast which was fun woo so the next 20 days i had so much fun that i fell asleep for them.


Day 84 i woke up and have been busy taking charge to wake all the other penguins up which took the whole day but when i was about to go to sleep tina came back and it happened all over again ug.


Day 100 i woke and was me outside of my fortress because the penguins kicked me out after they found out i was human but i made that fort so i burned it down but made sure none of the penguins got hurt then tina apologised 100 x 100 times i don’t know math so i don’t know  what itis (guys real life its 1000) 

The End 

Chapter 3 coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter One:The Frozen Palace From Magic Lies In You!

today i started writing a book this the first chapter and the second will be coming  soon i hope you enjoy the first chapter Gracias.


once upon a time there was a 4 year old girl named kiara she was smart fun and fun but one day the princess of the land held a party for every one but at the party there was suddenly a burst of snow and the princess fell ill but not in a weak way in a strong way she had power and then they called her a snow monster she looked the same but was being frozen all over and ice and snow growing on her and made her evil and it became a sickness it spread fast soon everyone had it except kiara and her friend lilly,max,noa,jack,mia,tina and fred. They were outside the now frozen kingdom and found a wired area in the snow; under it was a base the snow was a secret entrance. 


15 years later: “were back and look what we found” siad lilly and kiara they had been hunting for food and they found something else, an almost dead person who survived. “Quick we need to make them a warm place and some warm food!” shouted tina “ ya before they get the sickness…” the voice came from one in the dark he came out “aden you made it back two were you successful in finding food?” said kiara, adean they found running tired when looking for any other survivors “nope but i did find a snow monster and captured it!” “what you did!” Kiara shouted and ran to a cage then took it over to them “ I can’t understand it” he said “what do you mean?” Kiara siad “it keeps talking gibberish.” Aden said sadly “let me see” Kiara pushed past him and the person kept talking gibberish but Kiara looked like she could understand it. “How don’t you understand what it’s saying?” Kiara said surprised “ the good question is how do you understand it!!!!!!!” said Jack grumpily he hadn’t liked kiara after she became the leader of the group and knocked him down and after she almost made it so he almost became a snow monster because they almost left him behind but then again they would have if kiara wasn’t there. They were all surprised that Kiara understood them. Mia asked “what did it say quickly tell us plz!!!” “ok ok i guess” kiara said trying to not make eye contact it said “why did you do this to me i’m like you but just infected join us i will tell you were your parents are if….” kiara said slowly “if what” Mia asked excited that her friend could understand these things “well that’s all it said it just stopped at if..” Kiara said then  Jack came running up and said “I’m telling you she’s not telling us she’s a liar unlike me.” “Jack, don’t be so rude” said Tina then the person woke up. “What’s going on?” 

Chapter two is coming soon!!!!!!!