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200 Word Challenge: The Climber

Jason could not believe he was doing this climbing the tallest mountain in the world which no one else had this mountain should have felt cold as it was covered in ice because it was so high up and it was winter but instead each icy rock he grabbed warmed his fingertips and did not feel slippery instead they felt smooth and easy to grab it was if it was not even ice he looked behind him and saw Conner holding the camera Jason smiled and did a thumbs up soon the whole world will know what he is capable of. He could see the top he was almost there the sun was hidden behind the clouds but he was still warm knew that even though he did not know what was to come he could do anything if he kept on climbing and climbing he was just about to get to the top when he saw on a  something glowing under a rock ledge nearby he jumped over to the ledge to check what it was and he found a beautiful glowing crystal but then the ledge broke in half and Jason fell, what is going to happen next?