Writing Task: 200 Word Challenge: Best Tasting Food I Have Ever Tasted.

The best food I have ever tasted is this one pizza I made once. What happened was, I was having a sleepover at my cousin Ella’s house and we were making homemade pizzas. First we got the bases from the packet.

Secondly we spread the pizza sauce on the pizza. Third we put the cheese on and let’s say it was not a small amount cheese, we had a mountain of cheese each on our pizzas (Me and Ella both love cheese) but the mountain of cheese was not enough so we put more on. Did I mention we love cheese? After that I put pineapple on my pizza, Ella didn’t because she didn’t think pineapple should go on pizza. Unlike the pineapple I normally have on my pizza this pineapple was crushed which may be the reason it was better than normal. I put the pineapple in a circle in the middle of my pizza so it would be on every piece. Next I put some garlic herbs, salt, and pepper on my pizza. Finally it was done and ready to cook in the oven, when it came out it was definitely the best food I can remember tasting.

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