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200 Word Challenge: The Climber

Jason could not believe he was doing this climbing the tallest mountain in the world which no one else had this mountain should have felt cold as it was covered in ice because it was so high up and it was winter but instead each icy rock he grabbed warmed his fingertips and did not feel slippery instead they felt smooth and easy to grab it was if it was not even ice he looked behind him and saw Conner holding the camera Jason smiled and did a thumbs up soon the whole world will know what he is capable of. He could see the top he was almost there the sun was hidden behind the clouds but he was still warm knew that even though he did not know what was to come he could do anything if he kept on climbing and climbing he was just about to get to the top when he saw on a  something glowing under a rock ledge nearby he jumped over to the ledge to check what it was and he found a beautiful glowing crystal but then the ledge broke in half and Jason fell, what is going to happen next?

Term 4 Immersion Assembly Recount

On monday October 9th it was the first day of term four, on the first day of term just like normal the first thing we do when the bell rings is go to immersion assembly in the hall. When we got to the hall we sat down and did the karakia and the mihi, after we finished that we finally got to find out why there was a big container on the stage and why there was water leaking from the roof into it, We found out that Mr J had put the big container there in the holidays and Mrs Nua was annoyed about it so Mr Summerville came in with a hose and tried to use it to get the water out of the container, because was so slow Mr Burt came in and used a pump to pump the water out and it worked. In the end we found out that there wasn’t actually a leak and Mr J had put a hose up there but the point of it all was to teach us that we had to problem solve which is what this term is about. Finally it was time for the teachers from each team to do their items and first was Team one.

Team one had a movie and it was about having to figure out how to stop a dog called Max from running away and annoying the neighbours, what happened was one of the teachers Ms Shirley was acting as the owner of Max who called up a company because she saw got their flier in the mail and it said they could help with her problem and all the teacher acted as the people their and then after they got the call they tried to figure out how to contain Max first they thought of making a wall like the wall of china around the house but they realised that would not work, then they thought of making a lake around the house but they realised that would not work either, finally they decided to make an enclosure with a fence around it. I found this  movie funny.


Next it was team twos turn they also had a movie which was about how boring the bay’s outside the classrooms are and how they could change them what happened was the teachers acted as school kids like us at morning tea and they were commenting on how boring the bays were then one of them said if they were superheros they could change the bays to be whatever they liked they came up with really funny ideas one of them even thought of changing it into a beach then another teacher from team two acting as another school kid came over and asked what was going on they told her and she thought they could use her magazines design process to change the bay to whatever they liked. this movie was really funny too.


After team two it was team threes turn they did a play about what it would be like in the stone age without any electricity what happened was Ms Scanlan acted as the person who woke up in the stone age and she had to put on an animal skin ( which was fake and she already had under her robe in preparation) and had to wear shoes made of (fake) animal skin and hay. and when she was having breakfast she had to start a fire  (which was not real of course) and when she was eating she had to eat with a spoon made of a seashell and a stick when she finished she had to go hunting (she did’t really) with a (imangary) net. I also yet again found this play funny.


The next team was team four they had a movie explaining the design processes what happened was. first Mr Hughes was doing a voice over saying why team four needs something new because we have nowhere to put our bags in the morning nowhere to sit in the morning at morning tea and at lunch also after lunch we have nowhere to put our sports stuff then he explained the different steps in the design process first we have to empathies then we have to define after that we have to Ideate and then make a prototype and finally test it. I think I liked this one the best out of the performances from the teams because it taught us something new.

Finally it was team fives turn, they made a small play and what they did in this play is well sing a remake of bob the builder and it was basically saying the problems about the team five teachers and saying that they can fix those problems I forgot the words and all of that stuff but this item was the shortest but luckily it was still a little funny.


Then at the end of the immersion assembly there was a surprise act from Mr Jay and what happened was, first he told us about why people used conch shells in some islands it because they use them to talk to each other then he told us how it started first someone found a conch shell and saw it had hole inside it and thought “what if I blow into this hole” what happened was nothing really but somewhere down the line someone thought “What if I made a fart noise with my mouth into the conch shell” and thats how that started after that he explained that using things like goat horns to blow into after that came along things like trumpets and he explained that the army used them to do calls like the enemy is approaching or its time for a lunch break but having a long thing in a bag like a trumpet would be hard to do because of the other things they would take in there bags so someone thought “What if we rap the long part round and round to make it shorter” so they did and that made it a lot easier to take it to war.  I think this was my favourite act overall because it was funny but also taught us something.

That was the end of the immersion assembly.

Writing Task: 200 Word Challenge: Best Tasting Food I Have Ever Tasted.

The best food I have ever tasted is this one pizza I made once. What happened was, I was having a sleepover at my cousin Ella’s house and we were making homemade pizzas. First we got the bases from the packet.

Secondly we spread the pizza sauce on the pizza. Third we put the cheese on and let’s say it was not a small amount cheese, we had a mountain of cheese each on our pizzas (Me and Ella both love cheese) but the mountain of cheese was not enough so we put more on. Did I mention we love cheese? After that I put pineapple on my pizza, Ella didn’t because she didn’t think pineapple should go on pizza. Unlike the pineapple I normally have on my pizza this pineapple was crushed which may be the reason it was better than normal. I put the pineapple in a circle in the middle of my pizza so it would be on every piece. Next I put some garlic herbs, salt, and pepper on my pizza. Finally it was done and ready to cook in the oven, when it came out it was definitely the best food I can remember tasting.